Client Service

As with our investment approach, client service is tailored to the individual - timely and accurate reporting, efficient handling of all administrative matters, and most importantly access to your Portfolio Manager, Ian Osler, who makes the decisions for client portfolios. Close personal relationships with his clients helps Ian customize the investment process for each client in terms of their Investment Policy Statement and security selection. We like to communicate with our clients on a regular basis to ensure their objectives are being met.

We report to you monthly if there is account activity and quarterly otherwise, providing comprehensive portfolio valuations that list all securities and their respective costs and market values. Portfolio reporting is consolidated to provide clients with an overall view of their financial position. Or we can provide reporting on an individual account basis as these portfolios may have differing investment objectives (such as educational trusts) that require separate evaluation.

Review of Accounts

Clients are typically contacted on an annual basis to determine if any material information has changed. Also, other events could trigger a review of investment objective and risk such as a material change to the client’s situation, significant deposit in to or withdrawal from the portfolio. Based on the information provided to him, Ian will review the client's investments to determine if the client's current portfolio reflects their revised investment objectives and needs. In addition, we provide quarterly comprehensive portfolio valuations that list all securities and their respective cost and market values.

Fees and Compensation

Our fee schedule is as follows:


Assets Under Management Annual Fee
Up to $1 million 
$1 million - $3 million 
>$3 million